Generate PUBG Statistic Images

# Type in your PUBG Gamertag
# Click Button to create / show Images


What you get

Images with PUBG Statistics for Website, Blog, Forum etc.

Stats updated continously with data from PUBG Tracker

Show your favorite skills like Roadkills, Headshots..

Choose from different graphics.
Get your's now. Free of charge!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the data for images come from?
Data for statistics originate from PUBG Tracker. The stats for images are updated every 60 minutes.

I got an error by creating images. What's the problem?
This can have different reasons.
  • Your Gamertag was not entered correctly. Take note that the Gamertag is case sensitive!
  • Stats from PUBG Tracker could not be retrieved at the moment.
  • If you are sure that the Gamertag was typed correct, please try it again later.

    Could i create images with my account from console or mobile phone?
    Currently statistics for images are only available for PC Players (Steam).

    How many pictures can i insert into website?
    There are no limitation by the amount.

    Will more graphics be added in the future?
    If you have ideas or proposals for other images, contact us

    Are these images only for non-vegetarians?
    Even if you don't eat chicken, you can use the images of course.. is not associated with PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Bluehole Inc., Pubg Corp., Steam or Valve Corp.